Water Gait Veterinary Rehabilitation

Affiliated Veterinary Emergency Services is pleased to offer physical rehabilitation services to pets through Water Gait Veterinary Rehabilitation. Water Gait is located at 15220 Southfield Road, Allen Park, MI, inside our hospital.

Physical rehabilitation has been shown to be beneficial to pets with a variety of medical conditions, such as orthopedic conditions, osteoarthritis, intervertebral disc disease, traumatic nerve injury, muscle atrophy, patellar luxations, fibrocartilaginous emboli (FCE), tendon and ligament pain and degenerative myelopathy. It helps pets with:

  • Postoperative rehabilitation—reduced pain, inflammation and discomfort
  • Reducing the need for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Rebuilding muscle mass
  • Improvement in joint range of motion
  • Maintenance of joint health
  • Increase/improve endurance
  • Speed recovery from injuries/surgeries
  • Weight loss

The professionals at Water Gait will consult with you before beginning any rehabilitation treatment program. Your pet will receive a complete examination during the initial consultation, and they will measure your pet’s limb circumference and joint angles to help determine attainable goals for your pet. They utilize a variety of rehabilitation methods, such as:

  • Acupuncture/E-stim
  • Hydrotherapy (swim therapy)
  • Underwater treadmill
  • Class IV therapeutic laser
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Massage
  • Heat/cold therapy
  • PEMF
  • Conditioning

Please give Water Gait a call today at (313) 422-3318 if you feel your pet would benefit from physical rehabilitation.