15220 Southfield Road
Allen Park, MI 48101

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15220 Southfield Road,
Allen Park, MI 48101

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Transporting Your Pet in an Emergency

When you are bringing your injured pet to AVES for medical care, we have some tips for transporting your pet.

  1. Call us first before you move your pet to obtain specific instructions regarding transport and so that we are ready for your arrival.
  2. Be careful when handling your injured pet and handle your pet as gently as possible. Even the most docile, friendly, gentle pet can bite or scratch when injured. Do not attempt to hug your injured pet and always keep your face away from your pet. Your presence with your pet will be comfort to your pet; any other attempts by you to comfort your pet may scare them or cause them additional pain.
  3. Perform any examination slowly. Stop if your animal becomes more agitated or indicates he/she is feeling pain.
  4. If possible, stabilize your pet with a board or hard object prior to moving them. Keep them stable on the object with a towel, blanket or throw rug. Hard objects you may use include a board, sled, door, throw rug or towel, something similar to a stretcher.
  5. Keep your pet confined to a small area to avoid the risk of additional injury. Use a pet carrier, box or other container for small pets.
  6. Allow your pet to be in a comfortable position of his/her choosing (if possible).
  7. Place your pet in the back seat or rear end of your vehicle and have someone ride in the seat with them. Please drive carefully and follow speed laws.



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